Vintage Make-Up Queen, Elizabeth Arden

 Vintage Make-Up Queen, Elizabeth Arden



Elizabeth Arden’s genuine name was Florence Nightingale Graham. Her folks were obviously, fairly enlivened by the first Florence Nightingale, consequently the name. She changed her name to Elizabeth Arden, in the mid 1900s. Elizabeth came from her first colleague, Elizabeth Hubbard and the name Arden from a sonnet by Alfred Tennyson, called Enoch Arden.


Elizabeth was brought into the world in Ottawa, Canada. Her mom was a dedicated housewife to 4 children and her dad was a butcher. Her way to purchasing, what is presently one of the most unmistakable corrective brands The Arden Showflat, on the planet, was not an immediate one. She functioned as an accountant, a dental colleague, a secretary, a medical attendant and in a few salons as a therapy young lady until she framed her organization with Elizabeth Hubbard, another, excellence culturist in 1905.


She opened up her first beauty parlor in New York in 1907. It was on fifth road and it had a red entryway, to stand out enough to be noticed from passers by. (Red entryway and fifth road have both been utilized as names for a portion of the Arden aromas) In 1912, she ventured out to France to additional her schooling of facial back rubs, excellence strategies, and restorative creams.


Something Arden saw while on this outing was how much make up the unfamiliar ladies wore in contrast with American ladies. At that point, the main ladies who at any point truly wore make-up, were actors, and whores. Anyway these stylish, unfamiliar ladies, were all wearing rouge and eyeliner. She got back to America and started her first line of shading beauty care products, the first of its sort to be accessible in the U.S.


Alongside being quick to deliver shading beauty care products, specifically eye makeup,she additionally created the main waterproof mascara (in spite of the fact that there is some discussion on this from her opponent Helena Rubenstein) and the principal ‘fleecy’ face cream, (as in one not really thick that you could mortar dividers with it, similar to the past creams)



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