Stadium Light Towers – The Three Most Important Features

 Stadium Light Towers – The Three Most Important Features


Next time you want to light a large sporting event and you need to rent or buy stadium lighting, there are three things that you should keep in the forefront of your mind to stadium lights

make the decision easier: Portability, ease of erection, and safety.


If you are new to stadium lighting, it is tempting to get the lighting units permanently installed. While a permanent fixture is a great thing to have around both in terms of reliability and increasing the value of your property, you may find that portability is actually a bigger priority. For instance, you may decide 10 minutes before the big game that one of the lights needs to be shifted a few feet away from its current position, or you might want to remove one of the lights from the field altogether. These things are all possible with portable lighting.

Additionally, many industrial lighting projects require the ability to move the lights between multiple working locations. For instance, a large refinery operation may need a 60 foot light tower at one location for a week, and then move it to another location for the next week. This kind of flexibility is absolutely essential for the ever-changing needs of most sports and industrial applications.

Ease of Erection



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