Mouse – One of the Most Important Computer Components  

 Mouse – One of the Most Important Computer Components


A computer cannot function in the way it does without its components. The different computer components like the motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDD, PSU, visual card make what computers really are. Apart from these basic components which are universal and present in every computer there are many additional components like the printer, scanner which do not play any role in the functioning of the computer. However, apart from all of these components there are three other peripheral components like keyboard, monitor and mouse which help in the running of the computer.

Why Is Mouse So Important?

Like all basic computer components mouse too plays an important role in the functioning of the computer. Without a mouse a person cannot afford to input data in to a computer. Though you can definitely use a computer without the help of a mouse but a mouse can largely reduce the time and effort of a person when using the computer. So a mouse can definitely make your job of working with computers easy. When buying a mouse for your computer you can choose from a variety of 3 types of mice- the ball, optical ball and the laser.

Know About the Three Types of Mice

The variety called ball was first created and has a rubber or metal ball inside the body of the mouse which is mechanical in nature. Though the optical variety is quiet similar to the



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