Feeling Fat and Ugly? Is a Bad Day an Excuse for A Binge?

 Feeling Fat and Ugly? Is a Bad Day an Excuse for A Binge?



We all have days when we feel less than our best – when not only do we feel fat and ugly but what you should do when you feel fat   pretty much useless and unlovable as well.

You know how it goes, you find a stain on the work outfit you wanted to wear at the last minute, you miss the bus, some guy at the coffee bar scowls at you, you’re late for work. One misery heaps on top of another and before you know it a case of the “fat and uglies” has descended. You reach for a double chocolate muffin or stuff in some potato chips to console yourself. You might as well eat, you reason – no one is going to even look at you, never mind love you. Then you abuse yourself even more because you broke your diet yet again.

Bad feelings come in hordes. They start off as a trickle but if you pay them any attention others are soon joining in the party. And before you know it you have a veritable rave of bad thoughts going on in your head.

And the problem with this is that when you feel so bad it’s difficult to pull yourself out of your mood and do something positive. You can’t see the point.

Well there IS a point – the point being that every small good thing you do can start to turn things around and help you take further action and make things better. Positive thought and action create positive momentum that makes you feel good. Negative thought leads to negative feelings and lack of action which brings despair in its wake.

Moods are not caused by circumstances but by how you react to them. And any food you eat in reaction to a mood will not make you feel any better – in fact just the opposite. Avoid getting in a downwards spiral which might lead to a binge by



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