Executive Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions

 Executive Coaching – Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions About Executive Coaching: The Interviews

Because of the growth in popularity of executive coaching many leaders are considering whether coaching is right for them. In order to provide a variety of perspectives on t executive coaching he philosophy, process, and benefits of executive coaching, I conducted interviews with three independent executive coaches, one sales coach, and two executives at America Online and Capital One, to lend their perspective on some frequently asked questions about executive coaching.

Dr. Cutts: What is your definition of Executive Coaching?

“Coaching has become a major leadership development investment and a pre-requisite for high performing, high potential executives, managers, and employees in a wide variety of industries. Top corporations look to executive coaching as a resource for accelerating leadership development, personal growth and enhancing organizational effectiveness.” (Madelyn Clark-Robinson, President and Executive Coach, Executive Development

“A coach is a skilled motivator and one that asks provocative questions.” (

“The coach does not provide ‘expert’ advice but rather provides a mirror for the executive to remain accountable to the executive’s goals and objectives.” (Don Sloane, Executive Coach and CEO, The Sloane Group, Inc.



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