Corona Reach ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough, How to Complete ONI: Sword Base Alone on Legendary

 Corona Reach ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough, How to Complete ONI: Sword Base Alone on Legendary


Section 1: The Best Defense…

This mission includes a mix of both indoor and open air battling, remembering numerous vehicular choices for the outside area. This is likewise the principal mission in which you battle Hunters, the most solid infantry of the 7mm rem mag ammo agreement armed force. Nonetheless, you are given various rocket launchers all through the mission, making the Hunters moderately obvious objectives to kill.


You start this mission with a 50 ammunition DMR and a 375 ammunition attack rifle, in a space utilized as the “Patio” firefight map. Your underlying goal is to shield Sword Base from an enormous gathering of contract infantry in the patio. Straightforwardly before you beneath the extension are four Grunts. When your reticule shows up on the screen, kill them with headshots, run to the extension, and trade your attack rifle for one of their plasma guns. Take a right hand turn into the foyer that paves the way to the subsequent story. In the patio, there are three Grunts, eight Jackals, an Elite minor, and an Elite major. At around this time, a ghost will drop an Elite minor and an Elite ultra with a blackout rifle too. The Elite major is normally on the second story stage in front of you when you enter the foyer, so be ready to kill him with a cheated plasma gun and DMR headshot as you stroll up the incline before you.


Subsequent to killing the Elite major in the event that he was available, return to the corridor to take assurance from apparition. When the airspace is clear, climb to the second story by and by and hide behind the enormous UNSC Barricade. From here, take out however many Grunts and Jackals as could reasonably be expected with your DMR. Periodically watch the slope straightforwardly before you since Elites will regularly utilize this course to charge you. Assuming that they do, stagger and kill them with your plasma gun and DMR as they start strolling up the incline. On the off chance that you end up overpowered by foes, you can likewise hide in the lobby. This gives more strong cover than the huge UNSC blockade yet doesn’t give as great of a killing position.


Later you kill all apparent adversaries from your position, cross the extension and stroll to the left divider. Close to the cadaver of a marine, you will observe a DMR and a wellbeing pack, the two of which you should use to restock. Push ahead along the second story way forward, and you will observe an expert sharpshooter rifle along the right railing. I would not recommend taking this weapon since it doesn’t give sufficient harm to kill most Elites with one headshot. At the finish of this way, there is a slope heading into the patio, and from the lower part of this incline you can undoubtedly polish off the remainder of the foes.


Continue to walk waterway and you will come to a labyrinth of huge UNSC blockades and enormous UNSC cases. Among this cover there are four Skirmisher majors and any infantry that withdrew from the last battle. Select a blockade to use as cover and persistently kill the Skirmishers and some other excess infantry. The Skirmishers frequently stay in cover, so you should delay until they stroll between blockades or cartons to accomplish a headshot.


Drop down the remainder of the way to the covered region. Along the right divider, there are three weapons boxes, one with two DMRs, one with two reinforcement locks, and one with an objective finder, just as a wellbeing pack. Restock on DMR ammunition and trade your plasma gun for the objective finder. When you take the objective finder, the entryways will start to open. When you stroll outside, you will continue on to the following assembly point.


Section 2: Get the Hell off My Lawn!

Outside, there are two apparitions, an Elite major, and three Grunts a long ways in front of you. Albeit the apparitions won’t come toward you, the infantry will. These apparitions are especially lethal in light of the fact that you have helpless cover, they are somewhat close, and there are two of them. Hence, kill them at the earliest opportunity with a gunnery strike from the objective finder. To do this, point your objective finder at both of the phantoms and hold the right trigger. This will paint a red circle around the phantom, trailed by a big guns strike of five orbital rockets will then, at that point, annihilate anything nearby the red circle If you can kill the two apparitions with a solitary strike, you will likewise get an accomplishment. To do this, trust that the apparitions will move close to one another prior to bringing in the cannons strike to accomplish this. In the wake of killing the phantoms, kill the infantry with your DMR. Because you don’t have a plasma gun, trust that the marines and Kat will eliminate the Elite’s safeguards, then, at that point, finish it with a DMR headshot.


Jacking a Wraith: If you are a gifted apparition driver and wish to involve a phantom for the outside part of this mission, you can jack one of the phantoms as opposed to annihilating them both. Rather than bringing the objective finder from the past segment, trade for it to make the entryways open and afterward quickly trade back for your plasma gun. Start by killing the entirety of the infantry, including the Grunts working the apparitions’ turrets. Daze the main apparition with your plasma gun, run towards it, and plant a projectile to annihilate it. Stagger the second phantom too, however rather than boarding it, enter the plasma turret. This will make the Elite driver leave the phantom, permitting you to kill him with and cheated plasma gun and DMR headshot. This eventually furnishes you with an unblemished apparition that you can use for the rest of this convention point. Assuming you do this, you should utilize unexpected strategies in comparison to the ones I accommodate the rest of this meeting point.


Subsequent to killing both the phantoms and the infantry, a Pelican will drop of a standard warthog. I would not recommend taking this warthog on the grounds that your UNSC partners are extremely helpless heavy armament specialists and the warthog doesn’t give sufficient harm protection from make up for its failure to utilize cover. Be that as it may, assuming you are playing community, you might wish to think about utilizing this warthog. Assuming that you do, you should utilize unexpected strategies in comparison to the ones I accommodate the rest of this meeting point. Your present targets are to get and restart the UNSC Anti-Aircraft weapon and coms exhibit. This mission permits you to pick which objective to finish first. You must restart the AA firearms first since you should substitute your plasma gun for a rocket launcher at the coms exhibit for the Hunter battle during the third assembly point.


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