Choosing Your Wedding Photographer – Tips From a Professional Photographer

 Choosing Your Wedding Photographer – Tips From a Professional Photographer


This is an article by a wedding photographer about wedding photographers. I have tried to  Wedding Photographer Newcastle  keep my advice unbiased.

  1. What are they like as people?

You need to get along with your wedding photographer – as you are spending most of your wedding day with them and a negative relationship will show in your photographs. If you gel with a photographer it’s a great starting point. If they put you on edge for any reason run a mile.

  1. Look at their photos with a critical eye

It may sound obvious, but I’ve seen plenty of photographers taking big bookings without ever showing a single photograph – marketing on price alone. Don’t be surprised if you have booked a photographer without an extensive portfolio if they let you down. There are plenty of good photographers just starting out who can be had for a bargain. There are also plenty who don’t know their way around their own anatomy, let alone that of a camera.

Is there a a good range of photographs? A good photographer will be able to get photos in even the most difficult of situations – commonly a darkly lit church or a difficult reception venue. If the photos are all outside on a sunny day it could mean that the photographer struggles with indoor shots. Ask to see a whole wedding to get an idea of where the photographers weaknesses are (being a photojournalistic photographer mine are group shots)

Do the photos all look posed? Some photographers specialise in catching the action as it happens – but there are still a great many who work in the traditional way and pose the key events; cutting of the cake, first kiss. You will be able to tell.

  1. Are they above board?

A professional wedding photographer will get you to sign a contract to protect both themselves and you. It is important to read the contract and raise any issues you have with it. You should not feel pressured into signing.

They will also be above board with the tax man – sadly there are still people in the industry who do not declare their earnings and these have also been known to disappear before the wedding – if a photographer insists on cash in hand it should ring alarm bells.

Thirdly they will be insured – check that your photographer has Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance as these protect you should the worse happen.

  1. Are they prepared?



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