Back Fist Strikes – Follow up After Contact

 Back Fist Strikes – Follow up After Contact



Do you want a reasonable development for a back clench hand (or back knuckle) punch?


You connect with this quicker thumb bucket

than-lightning punch. Your aggressor feels the aggravation, however the hit doesn’t stop him (or her).


Presently, what?


My first counsel is hit once more. Promptly follow precisely the same line. All in all, hit once, and afterward hit again in precisely the same spot. Where one punch needed more dropping power, perhaps two straight will.


If not, what about assuming greater responsibility for the situation….


From Back Fist to Head Lock


Once rehearsed again and again, it’s not appallingly hard to go from a back clench hand to a hook around the adversary’s (head lock).


Here is a speedy method for beginning testing:


  1. Get an accomplice. You back clench hand the person in question in the face. For the motivations behind training, you scarcely connect. Contact, yet don’t do any harm.


  1. When you contact, quickly pivot your wrist, with the goal that you turn your clench hand, thumb down.


  1. Presently, if you somehow managed to open your hand, the palm would contact your adversary’s face, ear, or hair.


  1. With your hand actually open, stretch around the head, and check whether you can sort out some way to impact a type of a head lock. You bring your getting hand around your rival’s head back toward your body. Your accomplice’s head should rest in the criminal of your arm (within elbow).


  1. Either get the clench hand of your locking arm with your free hand (for added solidarity to the lock), or begin hitting with your free hand, first.


  1. Remember, you have feet that can kick, as well.


Making The Technique Practical


At the point when you practice, start gradually, from the beginning.


Become familiar with the move. Figure out how to wind your arm around your accomplice’s head without looking. Begin to construct speed, after you feel “exhausted” with the move.


Ensure you practice with various accomplices, to sum up the move. Likewise, have your accomplice differ the head position.



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