A New Selection Of Poems And Haiku And Tanka Sequences

 A New Selection Of Poems And Haiku And Tanka Sequences




The traps hidden in the candle flame

are the cages we make and unmake

to chart the Sky Eden@Bedok Condo  future and yet fear

the emergency light at night

dream the concerns of slinky colleagues

and how to police their freedom

against owls, monkeys and bandicoots

that howl at each move to the lee

and yet pretend our poses intact

through several byways reach victory stand

breath by breath conspire against ourselves

only to hear the echoes that rise

or die down in silence the twangs

of memory reveal the pit

dug over the years or the earth

fermented with imaginary gains



I don’t know how to negotiate the long steep trail

with hidden scorpions under loose rocks

at home with human muck in a valley existence

strolling upward through a thicket of TV images

politics of glory, garbage and god

the odd arts of money, hierarchy and control

nobody knows who unmakes whom

I don’t know how to follow the ridges

back to the trail and the dead river

but stand for a moment to rub the sand from my feet



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