5 Gun Safety Tips to Teach Your Child

 5 Gun Safety Tips to Teach Your Child


Hunting and gun recreation go back to our early ancestors. While firearms can be dangerous and even deadly, a few safety rules taught to a young person are necessary for 38 special ammo  peace of mind. Here are 5 gun safety tips to teach your child;

Talk, Talk, Talk to your children at an early age about guns and safety. Talk openly and honestly about firearms, their purpose and rules. Children are curios by nature and should be aware of not only the dangers involved with them but also the enjoyment and necessity.

Don’t touch! While you don’t want to scare your children, children should be taught not to touch a gun when unsupervised by an adult. If they see a weapon, leave the area and go tell an adult.

Point a gun in a safe direction. If teaching a child to use a gun, instill in them to always be aware of where a gun is pointed, whether it is loaded or not. Never point a gun at yourself or others.

Keep fingers off the trigger until ready to shoot. If a gun is being held, teach children to keep their finger off the trigger until they are ready to shoot. Most guns have a safety devise which should be engaged before shooting also.

Keep guns unloaded until they are to be used. Never keep a gun loaded in your home and teach your child not to load a gun until they actually plan to use it, again under adult supervision. Also teach them to always treat a gun as if it were loaded. Better safe than sorry is the g



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